March 30, 2014

Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy

It has been a very long week!! Was feeling under the weather for the past week with two visits to the doctors and I just needed some pampering session. Thanks to The Butterfly Project in collaboration with Worthy Book, they held a bloggers session at Ecoparadise, Gardens Mid Valley to try out the Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy.

Actually, this would be my third time trying out the Hot Bed Therapy. Read about my detailed first session HERE.

Although it's my third time already, I still never get bored of doing this. This is probably the best pampering place to go to after a stressful week and since I am too lazy to work out, this is also a great place to sweat and lose weight without actually working out =p

Ms. Vivien spoke to us about the benefits of the Hot Bed Therapy.

Free radicals is bad for health and can lead to numerous health problems. Unfortunately, free radicals is something we cannot avoid. It comes from air pollution, stress, unhealthy diet, UV rays, phone radiation, etc which are things that we are exposed to every single day.

Antioxidant negates free radicals. It releases the toxins from our body and can prevent various health problems such as allergies, insomnia, acnes, asthma, etc. The Hot Bed Therapy rooms emit antioxidants into the air. All you have to do is lie on the tile for forty minutes, take in the antioxidant air, sweat out all the dirty toxins and you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed! 

It is something like sauna but not sauna because sauna rooms are hot and humid and may be quite difficult to breathe in there. However, the Hot Bed Therapy rooms are hot with controlled level of humidity to ease breathing and for a relaxing time.

So I got changed into my outfit and ready to sweat out all the toxins that has been keeping me sick for a week!

I sweated so much that even the tiles had was so wet when I got up LOL
With my heart rate beating faster, it will also improve my blood circulation.
If you didn't know, you would have thought I ran a marathon and came back =p

Showered and got dressed and I really felt so much better and so refreshed!
Thank you Ecoparadise for having us! My third visit but definitely not my last. Will visit again soon <3
Special thanks as well to The Butterfly Project and Worthy Book!

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