March 22, 2014

TV series

Down with meds unfortunately =(( It's probably the combination of the bad weather these days, the super cold air cond in the office and the lack of drinking water.
But lucky thing it's the weekend and I can rest it out! 

Another good thing is TV series to kill time hehe...I haven't been keeping up to date with any of my favourite TV series. I have lost touch with the likes of Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Nikita and what nots. If I watch the latest episodes now I'll be lost with what happened previously.

So the best series to just watch when you're free without the need to keep up to date with the story lines are comedy/reality shows!

My favourites:

The Voice!!
The blind auditions were cray cray!! Filled with so much humour I think it cured me straightaway LMAO!

I have been watching this comedy on and off since Season 1 and I am so happy Season 9 finally revealed the mother!

Modern Family is another great comedy. I love the little girl, Lily!!

Any of the above can uplift anyone's mood hehe
Especially since I am unwell
Happy Weekend everybody xx

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  1. I'm a big fan of The Voice too! <3