March 1, 2014

Modbox February edition!

Look what came for me early this week!

Yay! My favourite beauty box <3
My blogger kit was delivered straight to my doorstep and this time around, there was a surprise for me...

Modbox so generously gave me two beauty boxes filled with goodies this month *love* *love*

*gasp* My very own beauty haven!
Two boxes and yet it was overflowing and the Aqua Peeling Spray(in front) was too big to enter the box, it had to be wrapped separately in the parcel.
Modbox is going natural this month! Most of the products are made from natural plant extracts which is fantastic and chemical-free.

Let's take a peek in the first box. 
This is the February edition. The other box was additional for blogger.
The February selections have four beauty brands with 5 different products.

(RM78 for 150ml)
It is a full size and spending RM9 for Modbox and getting this itself is a fantastic bargain!
It is properly wrapped as well so it won't leak.

It is an easy-to-use exfoliating face spray that's bursting with natural plant extracts.

Just spray on cleansed face and massage gently in a circular motion.
It is foamy and very gentle on skin.

The result: Dead skin residue forming and after washing, skin feels radiant and soft.

On top of that, Modbox has a discount code to purchase more Rescare products.

(RM35.90 for 60ml)
Another full size product! When you purchase Modbox this month, you can either choose this full size item or the Rescare spray. 

This is a hair perfume which acts as a dry shampoo and the fragrance is quite strong.
Dirty greasy hair can be transformed to look clean and smell nice.
No blowdryer or water needed, the specially blended formula detoxifies hair, neutralizes odour and effectively cleaning hair in an instant while soothing the scalp.
This dry shampoo is particularly suitable for Hijab wearers.

Once again, another discount code!

(RM25.90 for 160g)
Note: first 30 orders which was fully redeemed will get the 20g sample. Others from now on will get a 5g sample

This toothpaste naturally increases saliva flow to prevent bacteria from multiplying.
It is very refreshing and I love toothpaste which is from natural extracts and this has 14 natural extracts in it!

(RM25.90 for 380ml)
After brushing and gargling, mouth and breath seems fresh and minty and most importantly, bacteria-free.

I received three Miacare products.
From the three, only the Acne Patch is available in the February selection.

Modbox very kindly included additional Miacare products for my review.

Let's start with Miacare Acne-Defense Spot Essence, 10ml
(RM24.90 for 10ml)
With patented anti-acne ingredients and natural plant extracts, it soothes the redness and inflammation, while preventing scar formation.

Look! Big bad bumpy acne =(

Just roll the essence directly on the acne.
With constant usage, acne will disappear in 3-4 days.

It is a colourless serum and not visible upon application.
It does have a slight scent which smells a bit like when you're in the clinic but it does not bother me because it is not strong.

Miacare Acne-Defense Concealer Stick, 1.2g
(RM19.90 for 1.2g)
Of course, with a pimple like that, you want to conceal it.
What better to conceal it while treating it at the same time.

This is a dual-function stick which helps to treat acne and soothe the redness and inflammation, while concealing it without clogging pores. Further, with the pen design, it comes in handy for emergency or touch-ups and slips perfectly into my handbag.
Just apply straight onto the acne to conceal the redness.

Although it does not hide the acne bump, but it does cover the redness of it.
Perhaps the concealer stick is better for non-bumpy acnes and great to hide scars!

For bumpy acnes and annoying ones with pus, the acne patch would be a better solution!
(RM9.90 for 12 patches)

Not only does it absorb all the icky pus for lightning-quick healing, it's also ultra-thin & highly invisible, so you can easily wear this under your makeup.

There is a step to step guide on how to use the patch.

After cleansing and drying the acne area, attach half the acne patch and release the paper.

This is a fantastic option to hide bumpy acnes and as you can see, it is highly invisible =)
On top of that, it is healing the acne at the same time.

After applying makeup, no one even knows you have an acne patch!
This is a super efficient way to hide acnes just before special occasions.
I really love the acne patch =)

<3 Miacare products for the solution to acnes!
Miacare products are available at Watsons and selected pharmacies.

Just a heads up, if you pick your products this month, you can only choose half the products of what you see above and two Miacare products are not available in the beauty box.
Also, if you love all the products, you can always buy two boxes and get all the products especially the full sized ones which is extremely worth it!
After all, it's only RM9 (excluding shipping) ^^
Cheapest beauty box around!

For more information:
Check out Modbox now and get your very own beauty box!
They even have a Modshop to purchase full sized items!

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