November 2, 2013

Guess Luxe leather handbag launch

Guess Luxe officially launched their leather handbag collection at Guess Accessories Store, The Gardens some time last week. 

Guess Luxe presents a range of exclusive leather handbags which are classic, high quality leather pieces that complements the wardrobe of a contemporary, urban chic woman, seeking accessories that complement her style and personality with femininity and a touch of romanticism.

A fusion of design and accessible luxury, the collection offers a range of sophisticated, yet feminine handbags, with European design and refined details, a wonderful blend of elegance and style for both glamorous high-in-fashion looks or to give an extra flair to everyday ensembles.

These were some of the gorgeous bags on display!

Lurve that pink one at the top highest(Primrose Mini Flap Bag in amethyst)

The lovely emcee of the day, Patricia K.

Then the opener was a dance by these four sexy dancers carrying the Guess Luxe handbags.

It was a really fun opener!

After that, they had refreshments for us and gave us 30 minutes for an Instagram contest to pose with any Guess Luxe leather handbags the most creative way!

Here were the 3 winners of the day *drumrolls*

3rd place: Arisa Chow.

2nd place: Sabby Pure.

And first place went to the lucky Reiko Ong!! 
She won a really beautiful black Guess Luxe leather handbag ^^

The lucky winners!

Thank you so much Butterfly Project and Guess for extending the invite to this awesome Guess launch =))

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