November 16, 2013

Cres Wellness

I was in desperate need of some pampering time. Haven't had any time to pamper myself this month so I was lucky to be invited by Cres Wellness to try out their facial treatment. Their timing could not be any better =)

I went to their outlet at Gardens Mall, Mid Valley. It's quite a huge outlet at the 4th floor!

It is normally quite packed during weekends, so book your facials early.

They mainly use Cellnique products.

This is the hallway to the facial rooms.

There's lockers for your belongings.

And a dressing table for after treatment.

This was my cozy treatment room.

Changed into a tube gown and ready for facial!

My facial was a detox facial and my therapist, Jennifer attended to me the entire time.
So let me list down the entire process of my treatment:
-Double cleanse
-Spray mist
-Exfoliation mask(it has this really nice strawberry scent which was wonderful!)
-Head massage

And then followed by mask with steamer.
This steamer is different because it's not the usual warm steam, but cool steam!
It sprayed out cool mist and relaxes the skin!

-Then the painful extraction was next (cringe!) Poor therapist, she did my face really meticulously meaning she really covered extracting my entire face! Not one blackhead was left haha
And pardon me, due to work lately and long hours of makeup, my face was not at its best and was congested so really after extraction, I was satisfied that all dirt were removed!

 -Next was scrub which was quite harsh on my skin since it was very sensitive after extraction and all its redness. So, I would definitely suggest a minor cleanse instead after extraction.

-Soothing cream was applied
-Radio frequency for anti bacteria
-Ampoule was applied
-Hydrating and calming mask
-Ultrasound for better penetration
-Head and Shoulder massage

Lastly, this calming and soothing cooling mask was applied to ease the redness of my skin and to rejuvenate it.
It lasted for 15 minutes and meanwhile, I drifted off to dreamland haha
Finally, after washing it off, skincare was applied and it was over!

The whole treatment took 2 hours and costs RM220.
Not bad right considering the amount of pampering time and the masks, ampoule, radio frequency and ultrasound!

I was served hot tea with a warm towel before I left.

I really liked that Cres Wellness appreciated me as a blogger and was not pushy into getting me to buy a treatment package or whatsoever unlike other centres. They were friendly and treated me well but don't take my word for it! The number of customers going in and out of their centre really proved it!

So before treatment, my face was congested and oily(shiny face) and after that, it was less oily, less bumpy and pores were less visible =)

Yay!! Thank you Cres Wellness for repairing my face and got me some pampering time from all the work stress. It was truly a friendly environment and they offer a variety of packages. You would definitely want to check them out!!

For more info visit
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