August 22, 2012

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

I think I should stop reading books about 'torture'. After Daddy's Little Secret, I thought I would not buy books that would make me sad/ depressed. And then after reading 'Chains', now I'm making sure, I'm never touching/buying books about torturing children -.-

I get too emotionally involved and books are supposed to be a hobby to read in my leisure time. I want to read books that will make me happy and feel good after! So anyway, 'Chains' was named the 2009 winner of the Scott O' Dell Award for Historical Fiction and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2010. I thought I've never read an award winning book, so why not pick it up.

It is about a 13 year old girl, Isabel who is in a fight for her and her sister's freedom after being sold to a horrible couple in New York, the Locktons. This book was set in 1783, during the American war of Independence between America and Britain. I must say, this book was very well researched by the author as it depicted in detail about the American Revolution. However, I must also mention, I'm not impressed with the detailed information about the history at that time. It was too much and I was bored.

But aside from the history, the story about how the Locktons treat Isabel and her sister, Ruth was heart breaking. Madam Lockton especially is heartless! She beats Isabel, sells Ruth separating the sisters and even got to a point of branding Isabel's FACE with a letter 'I' for Insolence!!

Luckily for readers, Isabel is a fictional character, meaning she does not really exist. However, due to the research Laurie, the author made, she found out about stories of slavery, their hardships, their fight for freedom and their stories are similar to this fictional character or it might be even worst!! So in reality, something like that happened years ago and it's so heartbreaking that people actually go through such phase in life! Worst, it's a norm at that point in time!

Slavery should never have happened! People are NOT to be sold for money like things, work worst than an animal in their bosses' homes or to be tortured just because the boss feels like it!! Hopefully, all these have been abolished today.

If you are into historical fiction, a good story of a fight for freedom, courage, then you should read this award winning book!

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