August 19, 2012

Fine dining at Sheraton Imperial

While most of you 'tengah balik kampung', I had some fine dining with close family and relatives at Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur. My first time there actually and the place was gorgeous!! The five star hotel served the best, was a good host and the waiters were very well trained! 

Best smile but stomach was growling *laughs*

Menu of the night

Scallop with fresh greens and asparagus!

Greedy look! *shameless*

Yummy Lobster soup.

Best of both worlds; Cod fish AND Rib eye~ Delicious!

Desserts *dies* nuff said! I will always be a dessert girl haha

Fantastic place for fine dining! The food was very well presented, not to mention cooked to perfection! If you ever want to enjoy some fine dining, this is a recommended place!

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