August 20, 2012

Fashion TV

I am addicted to a newfound channel on TV. If you have HyppTV, you might have noticed that there's a channel specifically dedicated to fashion, runway, models and designers *loves* It's Fashion TV.

Then, I found out you can watch from Youtube as well. So, nowadays you can just see me you-tubing Fashion TV. It's so addictive especially if you love fashion and runways. They have it all- from backstage footage, interview with designers and models to the latest runway collections.

I mean normally you don't see a dedicated channel featuring all of these under one roof. But this one is different. So happy when I found this channel! There's even a live footage and all runway videos are the latest 2012/2013 collections. So, it's not outdated. And, best part is that it's free!!

Search for Fashion TV on Youtube and see for yourself!


  1. You can watch Fashion TV here

  2. You can watch Fashion TV here