August 23, 2012

Dip dye hair

Dip dyeing hair is quite a popular trend right now!! It's actually quite a cool way to express yourself! If you are a colourful person and would love to show it on your hair, by all means, dip dye it!

Here are some awesome colours for dip dyeing your hair:

Demi Lovato in pink dip dye

Pastel blue


Jessie J did hers in dark purple

Yellowish orange; Not so popular but still a nice colour nonetheless.

I would love to dip dye my hair, but since I have dark coloured hair, that means, I must bleach it for the colour to be noticeable. I am not prepared to damage my hair to that extend-yet!! *laughs* My hair is already dyed a dark red colour and I do re-dye my roots so to bleach it and dye it with vibrant colours, would really damage my hair! So for now, I'm just sticking to my dark red hair colour LOL 

Also, there are temporary dip dyes but it will wash out once you wash your hair, so that's quite wasting XD

However, if I were to try, I want a three tone dip dye with three of my favourite pastel colours;blue, purple and pink =)

Like this!!

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