August 2, 2012

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

Well, it's never too early to start on anti aging cream right? *laughs* I know, I'm definitely not in the age group to use anti aging products but prevention is better than cure. I'm all for preventing my skin from aging!

Olay Regenerist has received rave reviews about it's anti aging line of products! The especially most talked about product is the Micro Sculpting Cream. It is used to firm areas most prone to sagging like the jawline and neck. It's also supposed to reduce lines and wrinkles and helps restore elasticity. Further, it can also help fight loss of moisture and hydrates and micro sculpt your face.

I have been using this as a moisturiser for a few weeks now and as usual, let me lay down the pros and cons.

- First and foremost, very nice packaging!! It's super attractive with the red colour and since it's a luxury cream, the packaging befits it!
- Very nice fruity scent. It will linger around and I just love it!
- Light texture and non sticky. Therefore, it's most suitable for oily skin like me! I really do not like creams which are creamy and greasy but this cream is just the opposite! It has a matte finish.

The cream is creamy white in colour.

-Very moisturising and hydrating. Although it is rich in moisture, it is not 'thick' on your face which is the best part of this cream.
- Just two fingers scoop is all you need. Hence, it can last long.

- It's supposed to be a day and night cream but I only used it as a night cream because it does not contain SPF.
- No visible results really. Perhaps because *touch wood* I don't think I have sagging jawline also so no 'lifting' effect but I did feel my face hydrated!
- Slightly pricey. As I said previously, this is a luxury cream from Olay.

Overall, this product is very much recommended! Give it a try and suitable for age group 26 and above for its anti aging properties.

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