October 24, 2012

Havaianas 50 Anos limited edition

Havaianas celebrates their 50 years anniversary and in commemorating that, they came up with their limited edition 50 Anos pair. 

Havaianas(pronounced ah-vai-yah-nas) born in 1962  was made to fit the beach-loving, easy-going and confident mindset of a tropical culture of the Brazilians. Yes, they are made in Brazil and they are sooo comfortable with their secret rubber 'recipe' making it buttery-soft, bouncy, flexible and durable.

50 Anos means 50 years.

And thanks to Havaianas, I get to try out their limited edition 50 Anos pair. Thank you Havaianas!! You're too kind and generous =)

The Havaianas 50 Anos pair!

I know, looks a bit like those Japanese slippers right?
WRONG! Japanese slippers are not even near Havaianas quality! It's so comfy and so soft, you'll think you're walking without slippers on. Besides, I really like the mismatch colour of one side blue and one side white =p

I'm absolutely loving my new Havaianas pair =))
Check them out HERE for so many other patterns and colours!

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