October 4, 2012


I just wana share about this show on Food Network Astro. Unwrapped is quite an interesting show because it shows how factories make all those junk food we eat everyday =p Junk food is my favourite!!

It's really intriguing because we don't normally know how chocolates, chips or those candies we chew on are made. This show really takes you through the process from the raw material, to the making of it and packaging it.

The host

They showed how Snickers were made, how potato chips were baked, how gummy bears were coloured and so many other candies. Now, that I see the entire process, I can tell, it's really unhealthy to eat all those junk food *laughs* The amount of sugar input....*shakes head* It goes by gallons...So, thinking twice of eating junk foods now? =p

Still...it's so irresistible. All candies look so yummy!!

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