October 5, 2012


Many have asked me why I don't write much about my personal life, my personal thoughts and my daily outings in this blog. Well, let's take a trip down memory lane. This was my very first post of my blog: There's always a first time

From the start, I have already made known that I didn't build this blog to post about my personal life. And I made sure to stick to it. This was not the intention, to make my blog a personal diary for the world to see. Well, of course I have nothing against bloggers who do that. In fact, I do enjoy reading other bloggers talk about their personal life, which may sometimes end up in TMI.

But I prefer to keep my personal life private. However, over the span of 2 years writing, I have revealed much about myself in this blog, more than intended actually. It started off with no details about the author aka me. Gradually, I started to open up more, but only limitting to stuffs about me and nothing about my friends and family's life. I should respect their privacy.

So, I see it in that way and I do enjoy writing so much. There's so much other things to write about than about myself and my daily life. Besides, my life is quite boring actually. If I did set up my blog just to write about my life, I would run out of things to write and my blog would be dead! Seriously!

Further, I'm a super blur case. I tend to not know much about my surroundings(If one more person were to come up to me and say he/she is in the same class as me and I have no idea who he/she is for the past one year, I will blow my head off!!)

I'm also quite anti-social. I mix with the same group of people most of my days. So, I'm sorry if I seem unfriendly in a new environment. I don't know how to start a conversation with a stranger -.- Come say hi and I will warm up hehe

Also, I find some people's passion for law really intriguing. I started with law because I was interested in it but soon after I found my passion in other stuffs. I will continue just for the sake of continuing since I'm already down this path but some people's interest in those thick books, judgements, case laws and statutes really intrigues me. I cannot understand why but each to their own I guess. If I was that interested, I would be blogging about law and its jurisprudence and talk about how interesting it was during public law's tutorial or common law reasoning's lecture. Then again, my blog would probably have law enthusiast visiting it and debating on whether which law jurist was better -.- (seriously, I cannot imagine myself doing that)

Okay, all awkwardness aside, I seem to find my place in blogging mostly about fashion and lifestyle. If I like something, a place, product or trend, I love sharing it with you readers. Those who still follow me from the start, I can't thank you enough for your support =) I might change my slant of writing in the coming years, who knows. Probably next time you see me write about more personal stuffs, but for now, I would like to keep it to myself  =)


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