January 7, 2011

The price of beauty

Do you watch Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty? Well, I came across this show on MTV where Jessica and her two friends, Ken Paves(hair stylist) and Cacee travel across countries to find out their beauty culture.

I stumbled upon this episode where they were in Uganda and what a culture shock it was for them and for me! People in Uganda like women who are FAT! Women there actually make themselves fat and if they're not too fat, they wear clothes which makes them fatter- like loose cloths and extra materials!

This is the first time I've heard of women wanting to get fat. I'm actually quite shocked because from where we're living, everyone wants to be THIN. People wear corsets, skinny jeans, tight fitting clothes just to be thin. While we starve to be thin, they eat to be fat!

The above picture is when Jessica and her friend, Cacee visited the bride-to be(on the right) in a 'fattening hut'. I'm not even kidding! My jaw dropped when I heard that every bride-to-be has to be in a fattening hut for 2 months to get fat so that they'll be beautiful on their wedding day. During the wedding, her husband gave a speech and he said that when he saw her for the first time, she was 'as fat as a cow and was so beautiful!' Give that speech here and you'll get a slap on the face LOL

Wow! It's a whole new world in Uganda! Here we are hearing about a model who recently died due to the effects of anorexia and starving herself till she was only left with skin and bones literally and in Uganda, they WANT to be fat to be beautiful. It's like 2 extreme ends!

It's actually what culture you're born in and how that influence you to think what's beautiful. Yes, I or you may watch that episode and know that Ugandans' version of beauty is being fat. But if we put on a few pounds, what others will think? Will they say we're beautiful? And what if those Ugandan women lost a few pounds? Will their society regard them as beautiful?

It is very true when they say, 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. One may think you're beautiful while another may not agree. The word 'beautiful' is very subjective....So, the best way is to please yourself. If you think you're beautiful, that's more than enough!!

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