March 27, 2015

Citicars- Service cars at your convenience

My car is one thing I can never live without. I have been driving ever since I got my license. I don't know what I would do without it. But, to be honest I have never serviced my car-ever *hides face* Haha I leave it all to my trusted dad! But this time, I took my own car to service. And you know why? Because I get to shop at the same time ^^ Heee

Citicars is a new chain of car servicing service that let's shoppers shop while they leave their vehicles for service. How convenient is that?  Read more to find out and there's even a promotion code for you readers!

So I took my car to Empire Shopping Gallery and while I did my shopping before GST, I placed my car under the trusted care of the mechanics at Citicars. 

Citicars opened its first outlet at Sunway Pyramid and after that branched out to many major shopping malls. You can find Citicars in Gardens Mall, Paradigm Mall and many other malls from now onwards.

Citicars is a first of its kind new concept of lifestyle car servicing where they bring the “Need” of the consumer to a shopping mall’s car park! Just send in your car for service, go shopping, dine, go for a movie, buy your groceries or simply enjoy quality time spent with loved ones in the shopping mall and conveniently drive home safely in your fully serviced and reliable vehicle. It's like killing so many birds with one stone! Haha

So my car was serviced with the RM198 package (semi synthetic)
As you can see, it's a member price.

But it's so easy to be a member. You just need to fill in a form and within seconds you're already a member of Citicars. No annual fee or whatever fees chargeable to be a member!

You can choose your preferred engine oil such as Montaz, Wurth, Shell Helix, etc.
I chose Montez oil brand because it comes with additional cleaner and booster. This is a special promotion ongoing for Montez.

My RM198 package(which I felt it's a very reasonable price) includes:

1. Genuine Montez Engine Oil.
This can last my car for another 7000km before my next car service.

2. Montez Engine Tune Up Flush for a longer engine life, smoother quieter engine among other things.

3. Montez Engine Booster to help restore engine efficiency to optimize fuel economy.

4. Montez Injector Cleaner to reduce harmful black exhaust emissions and improve engine performance.

5. Original Filter

6. Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points check

They really do check thoroughly and at the end of the service let you know which needs repairing.

7. Vehicle Diagnosis using a special bluetooth technology where if it's plugged in the car it will immediately know whether your car is 'sick' and needs 'medicine' =p
This gadget is really cool!

8. Nitrogen gas for tyres because nitrogen gas is light and you can feel the difference while driving.

9. Antirust for older cars which has started to rust.

10. Windshield washer top up

11. Air Filter Cleaning service

12. Service History Booklet will be given to list down what was done to the car.

There are also comfortable seats with air conditioned environment for customer's convenience...

...where you can camwhore and selfie hehe

So after an hour of shopping, I came back to see the report after the inspection and diagnosis. Seems so professional huh?
They listed down what are the parts of my car I need to pay attention to.
If I need them to change then they will do it immediately but no forcing. It's totally up to you.

I felt really comfortable with the person in charge there as he explained things to me one by one and since I'm a noob in all these, I might have asked some stupid questions but he was very patient and I felt at ease leaving my car for service at Citicars.

I successfully serviced my car for the very first time! Hehe
Thank you Citicars for helping people like me to service cars in shopping malls! I'd rather shop and leave my car rather than wait in those mechanic shops, sitting on a stool sweating and wait a couple of hours for my car to be ready >.<

Interested to service your cars with Citicars?
Quote 'estherlai007' to enjoy:

Free Tyre Alignment
Free Tyre Balancing
Free Nitrogen Air

Total Value Worth = RM120*

*With purchase of 1 tyre or 1 service package
Promotion available only in Paradigm Mall and Sunway Pyramid.

Wee~ Citicars making life easier!

For more info, visit:

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