March 22, 2015

Of overpriced ice creams...

Aside from Jipangi ice cream, another lousy ice cream shop is Milkcow.
All these overpriced, overrated ice creams are just wasting people's money.
There is no difference in paying RM11 for a cup of Vanilla ice cream with some toppings at Milkcow or paying RM2 for a McDonald's sundae cone -__-
In fact, I think McDonald's ice cream is better.

Their best seller is Honeycomb but I didn't try that.

I took the one with white chocolate chip toppings.

After the first bite, I decided there is nothing special about this. I mean I'm a dessert person. I lurrvee my desserts and I have always been on the look out for yummy desserts. Milkcow just didn't come up to my standard and mind you, I do not have that high of a standard in food anyway.

Whatever soft ice cream they're trying to advertise to customer, it's just a gimmick IMHO.
Never buying another cup again.

I was also intrigued by The Last Polka ice cream flavours. They cater to Malaysian taste and have unique flavours ranging from Teh Tarik ice cream to Salted Gula Melaka. I couldn't resist a cup and bought mine from Whisk, Empire.

A cup costs RM7.80.

Teh Tarik flavour.

Hmmm...colour looks like teh tarik, taste like teh tarik but...nothing to scream about. It tastes somewhat super less sugar teh tarik ice cream. I could feel the teh tarik taste but it was very mild.
Seems like a normal cup ice cream only with a unique name to it.

Another disappointment. Maybe the Salted Gula Melaka might give my taste bud a kick but not this and it's RM7.80. Would I buy another cup for a different flavour? Maybe not...

Any suggestions for good ice cream shops? So far most have been quite disappointing to me.

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