March 25, 2015

Time to Shop at Taiwan!

From my previous post, you would know that Taiwan is in one of my bucket list to travel.
I make it a point to travel to at least 2 countries a year.
I travelled in the first half of the year already and right now I'm looking to travel to another place for the second half of the year.
And of course, you read my mind! I'm thinking to book a flight to Taiwan!

I mean, if you can't figure out from the title then let me say it again!
Taiwan is a shopping heaven and I'm a shopaholic!!
Match us together and you have a match made in H-E-A-V-EN!!

I've seen many of my friends who went to Taiwan and came back with many shopping bags. I'm definitely jealous and vow to go to Taiwan myself and carry those shopping bags back to Malaysia hehe

Taiwan is very well known as an excellent shopping destination. Famous for its night markets and huge shopping malls, it is a hub for shoppers, bargain hunters and tourists. Their clothes and bags are affordable and you could break a leg shopping especially when I go absolutely crazy for clothes and bags.

Taipei 101 is a massive upscale mall. That's my number one place to visit! It's pretty huge and it's a world class shopping centre featuring luxury goods and brands.
Besides that, the scenery is supperrr gorgeous!

Taiwan's endless night markets are another tourist hub. The night markets are great for browsing street food and street shopping. It seems you might be able to find anything, some you never knew existed haha Street shopping seems to be never ending. There's just so much stuffs and sometimes 5 hours into shopping, you might not have covered the entire area yet HAHA

Several theme streets have even sprung up, exhibiting exciting blend of history and style, including Taipei's Ximending and Kaohsiung's New Juejiang commercial area, attracting different consumer groups. Other venues, including the weekend jade markets and the computer lane in Taipei's Guanghua Digital Plaza are good places to find unexpected bargains.

Feeling the excitement already about Taiwan's shopping heaven. I could be giddy just thinking about all the shopping I'm going to do there ^^ Not to mention, since it will be my first time, can't wait to experience the culture, the scenery and a whole new different environment in a unique country.

It'll definitely be a dream come true if a few months down the road, I'm bragging about my trip to Taiwan ^^ Well, one can dream right? hehe
I'm a dreamer afterall...

If you, just like me is interested in visiting Taiwan, do visit these websites:

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