July 30, 2011

Malaysian fans

I blogged about my trip to stadium Bukit Jalil for the Chelsea training HERE and match HERE
What I didn't mention was about the fans of Malaysia.

I read The Star's newspaper about an article in the Sports pages of how bad behaviour Malaysian fans have. I couldn't agree more. During the Malaysia vs Singapore match recently, the fans were acting maliciously by pointing lasers towards the Singaporean goalkeeper. This is not the first time such incident happened. On top of that, they kept boo-ing the Singaporean squad.

I truly believe that in a true sportsmanship, we must all be fair and if the better team deserves to win, they deserve to win. Similarly, during the Chelsea's match, Malaysian fans kept boo-ing Yossi Benayoun just because he's from Israel. You know, I kept wondering why they boo-ed him until I found out that he was from Israel. You shouldn't mix politics with sports!

Besides, since we were late, there were not many seats left and so happened we found seats at the Malaysia fans' area. I only found out a bit later because they kept cheering when Chelsea almost scored but didn't. So I was wondering, didn't they buy tickets to come to see Chelsea score? And when Chelsea scored, my area went silent. Then I heard remarks dissing Chelsea players and sort of. Okay, I  know I should be patriotic and all, but Chelsea is the visiting team for their Asian Tour and they visited here because they know they have many fans here. So, its not right to diss people and then boo Benayoun until Chelsea have to file a complaint against us -.-

But, it is also good to know that the Malaysian fans are starting to have faith in our Harimau Malaya. The sold out stadium on the day Malaysia played Singapore was a great impact to our football history. Also, if you heard the radio, there were full of supporting comments for our Malaysian squad the whole day! Just that, I think we should respect other people as well. You can always support our Malaysian team as much as you want without the need of boo-ing other people.

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