July 28, 2011

CariBilik.com is Now iBilik.com

Searching for rooms to rent or short term rentals?
iBilik(formerly known as CariBilik) is a Malaysian Travel Website with over 70, 000 listings throughout Malaysia!

For renters, this is the best solution website to find suitable placement and caters for those locally or even those from overseas. Some who work monthly or just here for a short vacation stay may prefer to rent rooms as hotel rooms are much more expensive. In addition, there is a homey atmosphere =)

If you click on a preferred room, you will get a description, the price of the rent, who to contact and sometimes you'll even get pictures and a map with it!

There is even a tab under the short term rentals for the 'cheapest rentals'! Hence, if you are on a really tight budget, this is the best place to find the cheapest room to rent =))

Oh, also, you can post up an ad looking for rooms to rent and you may get a reply from owners who are interested! All you have to do is to register with the website. Isn't that so convenient?

Go visit this website at  http://www.ibilik.my/

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