March 23, 2017

Homemade Dried Fruits

I love fruits and I am a big fan of all kinds of fruits.
However, I have never tried dried fruits before, not like these...

Introducing homemade dried fruits which are fresh fruits that have been dried but still maintaining it's texture

You could see from the picture that there are 4 types of dried fruits here because the texture still maintains- orange, apple, grape fruit and star fruit..

Don't they still look soo beautiful even after drying?
These dried fruits are homemade so you can be sure:


Most importantly, it's healthy and just like normal fruits. But because fresh fruits can't be kept long as they will spoil although refrigerated, but these dried fruits can be kept up to 6 months.

You can eat it as a snack or like me, I like it best as an addition to my drink.

Two slices of apple in my cup of water for some taste.
But, wait for it, the best part is eating the slices once it has absorbed in the water.
Still feels crunchy and sweet! The natural sweetness is preserved from the fruit itself because there is no added sugar.

Another alternative is to mix it all and add some tea leaves for a fruity tea.

I made one pot for my family.

I added all four types of dried fruits, tea leaves and hot water and the aroma really came out.
Something nice is brewing...

My family enjoyed it and my grandma even asked for more! She said it's so healthy and nice to drink =)

You may eat the apple slices just like that as snack but I felt soaking it in water and eating it after that is much nicer. The rest like orange, grapefruit and starfruit, you can add it in your drink or mix it altogether with tea for a fruity tea.

It comes with a ziplock bag so it's convenient. You can even bring it to office or out for a picnic with friends. I personally brought it to office and pop some in my water bottle for a refreshing taste.

There are other fruits as well and the price list is as below:

Red Apples 50gm RM12 
Green Apples 50gm Rm12 
Banana 80gm Rm12 
Star fruits 50gm Rm12 
Lemon 50gm Rm12 
Oranges 50gm RM12 
Grape fruits 50gm RM12 
Pineapples 80gm RM15 
Golden pear 80gm Rm15 
Dragon Fruit 100gm RM22 
Kiwi 80gm Rm22 
Tomatoes 50gm RM15 
Mushroom 30gm Rm15 
Others: Upon request

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