March 23, 2017

March makeover

March was basically a superr busy month for me.
It was all work work work and work. Didn't have much time for lunches in between so weekends were what I was looking forward most.

This is also the month of change!! I changed my hairstyle(will get to that shortly), will be moving and decorating my own office room(will reveal that once that is done), changed my phone, changed my car and I had a change in mind about my career. There was so much self reflection in between, frustrations about decisions and hopefully the months ahead will get better.

Anyway, back to the normal FOOD frenzy!! What interesting things I ate this month? Hehe

The other half was craving salted egg pasta so we popped by 103 Coffee Workshop at Sri Petaling to fix his cravings.

It was really good! Salted egg with curry flavour is a fantastic combo.

Cherry tomato wrapped with bacon as snacks. It's interesting because the tomato burst in your mouth with the succulent bacon on top is perfect for appetizer.

My all time fave! Green tea frappe.

Beef rice with runny egg...

..and look at that egg. Mmm yumss! Now I'm hungry haha
It was really good and we finished all dishes with clean plates.

Celebrated a birthday and saw this durian cake...
Looks real no?
First time seeing it in real life and it could really fool people.

Also, first time trying out Pablo cheese tart

It's delicious with it's runny cheese but price wise, it's expensive for a cheese tart!

I love Pan Mee and was introduced to Go Noodle.
Boy, was it crowded and we had to queue just to get seats -_-

But, alas, it was well worth it.
Totally fixed my pan mee craving and will definitely be back for more.
Portion was good too for RM10.

Back at Jyu Raku, SS15 for the monthly Japanese fix haha
Flying fish is becoming the usual and my favourite too.

Tried this famous restaurant, Jeff Lee Kitchen at Sungai Buloh for lau shi fun

Funny thing was I didn't find the most famous dish nice

However, the porridge was good

And the cold paku pakis was unique and delish!

We also tried the roast duck..

..and the pork ribs.

The restaurant was crowded as well and it seems you need to book during Chinese New Year!

One of the weekend, a really good place to just chill on the sofa is HOPP Cafe, Sunway Nadayu.

Ordered drinks with..

Chicken Paella..

..and cheese toast sandwich.
This turned out to be really good and would definitely come back for more of this
The cafe was cozy and the sofas were so comfy I could sleep there hehe

Wanted something refreshing and I think I haven't been to Snowflake for a year now so finally decided to drop by to get the classic snowflake with taro balls.

 The Third Letter cafe, Bukit Jelutong has such a unique name.
They serve good food, have good environment and it's halal attracting much crowd during lunch time.

Flat white

This is called the Ed Sheeran.
I don't know why it is named after the singer but it was really good so I didn't care LOL

And of course, I did my hair!

I wanted to bleach my inner hair and dye it blue as hidden colour but because my hair colour was previously dyed red and it was uneven...

At the end of the day, it turned out to be multiple colours which was much more than I expected haha
I was actually quite happy with it. I initially wanted blue, but I also didn't want to bleach many times, so ended up, there's purple, blue and slight green LOL

And if I put it in front, it's purplish blue.
I always wanted to have some exotic colour and it's quite trendy now so might as well do it while I'm still young hehehe But due to my profession, I can only do it as hidden colour so it's not so prominent.

April is a month I am very much looking forward to. Til then xx

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