April 27, 2011

Isabella junior masterchef winner!!

I wrote about a similar post here : junior masterchef
I wrote that I wanted Isabella to win and she actually won!! Mind you, on top of all the other workloads I have to do, I stayed up till 2.30am just to see who won Junior Masterchef on Sunday *laughs* Yes, I'm that crazy!

The proud winner

The two incredible finalists, Jack and Isabella were not even cooking like kids!! But they are only 12! -.-
The final two challenges were hard but both of them came out successful! Especially the pressure challenge where they had to make a dessert only adults can do...

This is called pear perfection created by awesome chef Adriano Zumbo. It looks soo complicated, no? All I know is that the the green thing is called choux pastry and they need to have a pear jelly in it with biscuit crumbs underneath and all sorts of complicated stuffs *laughs*

Both Jack and Isabella did great. Jack even scored some 11/10 marks for his pear perfection!! But he lost out on his first dish. He's a really good cook, nevertheless!

Isabella actually came into the competition with her twin sister, Sofia. Both entered the 12 finalists but Sofia did not manage to go into the final two- or else it'll be a sibling competition! Both sisters dream of opening their own restaurants and both can cook equally well..

Such inspiration these kids give to other people!!
I didn't know kids could cook this well until I saw this show. And every week they surprise me even more with their techniques and skills!

All of them who entered the 12 finalists but got eliminated came back to cheer for Isabella and Jack. All of them were very supportive and I reckon these kids will have a very bright future ahead!


  1. hey, i was thinking of eating good food when my mind just blew this 'Pear perfection of Adriano Zumbo' up :)Then i recall where this food came from.. crap-- Australia's Jr. Masterchef :)I'm a super fan of this children's cooking show! I love Sophia and Isabella so much. I adore Lucy too.:) She is indeed sweet and cute. :)

  2. I love Isabella too, she is my favorite contestant. But I love all of them as well, especially Pierre(so cute!), Lucy, Siena and Nick. And I love Jack as well, and Izzy soo deserve too win :) I can't wait till she starts her restaurant!