April 8, 2011


I copied this from another blog which I cannot remember. I love doing trivias so I'm going to answer these 8 simple questions =pp

1. I've got sooooooooooo many!!! Since, this IS MY blog and I handle the rules so I'm not going to answer only one..My guilty pleasures are:

Yeap, all of the above haha...I wonder how do I have the time to do anything else *laughs*

2. I love Kinder Bueno

                                                             Oooooh *drools*

3. I'm not really into gardening so I don't know what are my house plants names LOL But if I have to choose a favourite plant, it'll be ROSES

4. My current obsession of nail polish colour is: dark blue =)
Note to self: This is my nail colour for the next manicure session!

5. My favourite midnight snack that I snack most of the time when I sleep in late is NUTS!

6. Hmmm...drugstore essentials are my cleansers, toners, moisturisers and those face products I normally buy from Watsons...

7. I have a weird habit of checking the time- ALL the time!! So if I don't have my watch or my handphone with me, I'll feel handicap- seriously!

8. Easy! I think everyone around me would know the answer to this. People who are not on time- that's my greatest pet peeve!

What are yours? =))


  1. 1. House M. D. XD.
    2. Ferrero Rocher.
    3. Lilies!
    4. Tough question XD.
    5. Lays Potato Chips XD XD XD.
    6. Toothpaste. Kekekeke~
    7. Smiling at the mirror to see if there's anything stuck between my teeth =P.
    8. Fakers XD. As in people who are not genuine =).

  2. Hahaha darling!!! I like no.6 coz that was supposed to be me LOL
    And I definitely didn't know no.7 =p
    Thanks for sharing and btw, thank you sooooooo much for ur support!!
    I LOVE YOU <3