April 28, 2011

Celebs with brains

You know, I really admire celebrities who not only succeed in show-biz but also make education a priority. I know most celebs are drop outs and some only finish high school but there are a handful which I truly admire.

Take for example James Franco...

He is an Oscar nominee, was an Oscar host, a successful actor, director, screenwriter and producer but do you know, adding to it all, he is also currently a Ph.D student in English at Yale University. Not only that, he has been accepted into another doctorate programme at the University of Houston which he will pursue a Ph.D in literature and creative writing in September 2012. Now, may I ask, where does he have the time to do it all???? He is sooooo SMART!!!

Besides that, another Oscar nominee and winner with brains is Natalie Portman:

She has always been very dedicated in her studies. She even skipped the premiere of one of the Star Wars movie so that she could study for her final exam in high school. She graduated from Harvard university with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2003. She was quoted as saying, "I'd rather be smart than be a movie star!" Well, good choice because not only she can add Harvard into her resume, now she's also an Oscar winner! She didn't really miss out on anything actually!

Next is Dakota Fanning who is a child star. From young, she has been a very promising actress yet she chose to finish high school and go on pursuing her education in college.

Look no further, even in Malaysia, Yuna, the singer-songwriter and Andrea Fonseka, Miss Malaysia both finished their law degrees in a local University and Singapore respectively before embarking on different paths..

Yuna, has become Malaysia's most influential singer online, and is now signed by a label who is based in New York!! Okay, if you are signed in New York, you know you have really made it!!!

Andrea Fonseka, who was Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 is now the national director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation(MUMO) and is the one responsible for revamping the entire pageant.

And then we have Willow Smith, the rising singer with famous parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith dropping out of primary school to pursue her singing career...

Oh well, at the end of the day, it's really your own choice...Some people take the road less taken while others are not necessarily risk takers...

But, what I learnt from the likes of James Franco and Natalie Portman is that you can really have the best of both worlds if you work hard and prioritise!

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