April 11, 2011

KFC breakfast!

It's like now all fast food outlets want to compete on who can bring out their best breakfast menu for customers LOL I've tried Subway and McD's breakfast, now it's KFC's time *laughs*

                                     This is their all-new breakfast menu...Looks yummy, no??

So, I've tried the cheesy egg bun...

Let me tell you, it's soooo delicious!!!!!! Only complain: it's quite small so after finishing it, I felt like eating MORE!!!

Seriously, the cheesy bun with mayonise with egg is such a perfect combo. It's very light and very yummy!!! On top of that, you'll have coffee to go with it. And it's soo cheap! It's only RM4!
So, if you happen to stop by KFC during 4am-11am, I suggest you go try it..You won't be dissapointed!

It really doesn't help that I have so many fast food outlets within 1km from my house XD But they're menus are just too good to resist =p

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