July 21, 2012

Guardian Customer's Choice Award 2012

Guardian's long awaited Customer's Choice Award is back again for the 12th year! It was held at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall. With participation from more than 200 brands, customers were appointed judges of the products and the winners are based on customer's preferences.

I'm sure many of you have seen the flyers in Guardian pharmacy where we can vote for our favourite brands.
There were 90 contested categories and 354 participating brands! Pheww! Some of the categories include supplement, healthcare, hair, body and bath, cosmetics and many more!

The place was filled with brand suppliers, media, clients, etc. Honestly, I didn't know it would be such a happening event!

Studio Lounge; very beautiful restaurant with great ambience and there's a second storrey upstairs!

Front row seats =)

Emceed by Xandria Ooi and April Kuan from Capital FM 88.9 =)) They were great emcees and very lively and humorous!

Opening speech by Ms Soon Ai Lan, General Manager, Merchandising.

Then, let the awards begin! So many awards were presented to so many different brands. However, some brands are more prominent than the others winning multiple awards. For instance, Blackmore ruled the Supplement category with numerous awards, same goes to Maybelline for the Cosmetic category and Loreal for the Face Care category. 

Awards being given out!

Aside from the awards show, there was also a live feed to listeners of Capital FM by DJ Liang and Deborah just beside the stage just for this event! They were on air and their real studio is actually located nearby at the Tropicana Office Tower.

DJ Liang and Deborah.

Meanwhile, guests were treated to some yummy snacks and drinks.

White wine!! =)

They even served beer, red wine, soda drinks and many many different types of drinks! The snacks include fruits, sandwiches, skewers, pizza and many others. Guardian really treat their guests very well!

And then came the presentation of prize to customers, winners of the 'Vote&Win Contest'

The grand prize winner, Lim Kai Jun, winning Guardian vouchers worth a whopping RM10,000 and a 3D/2N Holiday Spa package at Mandarin Oriental. OMG *sooo jealous* He can shop at Guardian for life for free now XD

All the winners- 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners!

Finally, the announcement of the Top Voted Brand!!
jeng, jeng, jeng...


Congrats L'OREAL! This brand won countless awards that day itself!!

And then it was over and it was time to mingle =)

Me with Xandria Ooi! Such a friendly and nice person!

With Arisa Chow!

With the bloggers!

It was also very cool of the organisers to take pictures of the guests at the entrance and printed the pictures there and then to bring home! Awesome right to give each guests there like a somewhat memorabilia to bring back =)

Here are mine:

Thanks Tammy once again for hooking me up with the invites *hugs*

With the other bloggers again.

Goodie bag! Very generous of Guardian =)

It was definitely a fun filled day event! Congratulations to all winners!!

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