July 19, 2012

Avoid car park robberies in Malaysia!

I'm sure many of you have heard about the violent robberies happening to women or senior citizens in car parks at shopping malls nowadays. Some have been slashed, almost kidnapped, injured, that it is so scary to hear! These incidents have been reported around the Klang Valley area like Mid Valley, The Curve, 1 Utama, Bukit Tinggi, etc.

So much so some of us are scared to be alone in car parks. As for me, I do drive alone especially if I'm to work or to events and sometimes to meet people/friends in shopping malls. I am extra extra careful nowadays. I hope to God nothing happens to me and I always silently pray when I'm walking(or running!) towards the mall.

Isn't it sad that we cannot even walk peacefully during our chill out hours like wanting to shop in malls, meeting up with friends, watch a movie or some sort? These robbers are smart also, that's why they pick the car parks because they know these are places people least expect to be robbed. I mean if you walk alone in dark alleys then of course you're finding your own trouble. But shopping malls are family places for goodness sake! Why are these happening?

Well, I can't answer that but one thing's for sure, everyone must keep a lookout when you're walking alone in car parks or anywhere else for that matter. Whether you're a girl or guy, you must still keep an eye on suspicious things.

I do want to share some tips on how to be extra careful in car parks:

1. Bring pepper spray! (Which reminds me I need to go buy one ASAP!)

Just make sure you get your pepper spray ready in your hands otherwise the robbery would only happen in a blink of an eye and you would not have time to take it from your bag!


2. You can bring a whistle.

If someone attacks you, blow your whistle to attract attention so that anyone nearby may help you(hopfefully!) Anyway, I think blowing your whistle loudly might also scare the robber away(hopefully!) If not, just scream your lungs out!

3. Park near the elevator/lift

I practice this every so often recently. Not because I'm lazy to walk(partly!) but because if it's nearer to an escape place with a lot of people then chances are robbers will not target you.

4. Lock your car doors.

...to prevent any surprises! You know someone can just open your car door, jump into your car with a weapon and rob you! So don't think if you're in your car, you're safe. Lock that door!

5. Learn martial arts.

Yeah, if you have a blue belt, white belt, black belt or whatever belt, use it in the most crucial time. Just don't panic and forget everything -.-

6. Be alert!

Learn to know your surroundings. Especially, don't start fiddling with facebook(trying to check in) and twitter -.- Stop all these and look around. If you think someone's following you, quickly go back inside the mall and ask a guard to escort you. I always turn my head around, left and right whenever I'm walking alone just to be cautious.

7. Finally, if all else fails, just pray! And hopefully God will answer you =) I mean there's nothing else you can do anymore right?



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