July 29, 2012

St Anne's

St Anne's quite a popular feast day among Catholics. She is the grandmother of Jesus and a patron saint of housewives, grandparents and mothers. I wrote how St Anne became an important feast day HERE

This year, again we went to St Anne's church in Port Klang to celebrate her feast day.

Candles were lit to celebrate the feast of St Anne's

I just want to share about something the priest said in his sermon. He was saying that God is everywhere in our daily lives. God is even present in football! Some of you might have heard about this Bolton footballer, Fabrice Muamba who collapsed unconscious on the pitch during an FA cup match back in March 2012. 

His heart stopped for a whole 78 minutes(!!) and it took the paramedics 15 defibrillator shocks to get his heart started again. If you must know, if your heart stopped beating for 3 minutes, you are declared brain dead and even if you survived after, you would have suffered brain damage. But he is fine now! Muamba believed his survival was thanks to his prayer to God when he asked God for protection before the match. 

Muamba, walking proof of the power of prayers. Here seen with his doctors.

So, yes, God is always working his miracles and he is everywhere. You just need to have faith =)

Also, I learnt about the miracle of Mother Velankanni that happened in Velankanni Church many years ago. She is our lady of health and she appeared to a person one day and told him, "Don't be afraid, have faith and listen to me. I am coming to this world. Spread this message." He spreaded the message and received blessings. Today, her feast day draws more than a million and a half pilgrims and hundreds of miraculous cures are reported every year.

Many people have been healed by the power of Our Lady of Health. If you believe and pray, miracles will happen in your life also. Then circulate the experience in Her name.
Lesson learnt: Have faith and never give up!

Mother Velankanni, Our Lady Of Health, pray for us.

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