July 17, 2012

Ice Bowl Original Taiwanese Dessert


I lurrrve desserts and there's no doubt about that! When I first went to Snowflake and ate their desserts, I came back for more. Unfortunately, Snowflake is quite far from my house.

Then I heard Ice Bowl was opening a new shop at Kota Kemuning! I was thrilled! Now I can has my dessert more often =)) Ice Bowl is almost the same as Snowflake and all those yummy desserts make my mouth watery!!

The above dessert is called 'summer on ice' which is mango with a bit of sago and marshmallow!! I saw the worker made it and he was so delicate, picking the right mango and  placing it at each corner and picking the marshmallow one by one and putting it in the center! Haha need art work also you know! 

You can check their FB out HERE

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