July 3, 2012

Smooth legs

I have been battling hairy legs and hands since forever! I have always wanted hair-free skin but well, I cannot change the way I am XD

So, I always use an epilator or shave my legs but now I found a better way to remove those hair! Of course, I cannot afford any IPL or hair therapy treatments which will cost thousands of ringgit so, I'll have to make do with temporary measures...

The epilator cannot remove hair effectively. Shaving and waxing will have the consequence of cutting and ingrown hairs. So, I found another method! Smooth legs uses crystal pads to exfoliate and remove hair. It is safe, no cutting and I experienced no in grown hair. This is by far the best method =)

4 large and 4 small crystal pads with 2 backing pads.

The cute pink backing pads.

The behind look of the backing pad where the crystal pad is stucked on.

The instructions.

The warnings. What is to be noted is that these are to be used DRY, not on wet or oily skin!

My hairy legs =((

Make sure skin is dry and start in circular motion.

It's like sand paper on your skin. There will be debris from exfoliation. Skin will look whitish or grey-ish because dead skin cell is exfoliated. In the process, hair is removed as well.

The pad will turn whitish as well after usage. When it becomes totally white, it's time to change the crystal pad.

The after effect- hair free skin =))) 

Remove the debris and TA-DAH!! Smooth looking right? After that, moisturise thoroughly.

Smooth legs, although the title says it, is normally used on legs but it can be used on arms, upper lip, chin, armpits and bikini line. For smaller areas, use the small backing pad instead of the large one.  

I find no redness or rashes after using it. You may feel slightly uncomfortable after bathing due to the friction caused to the skin but nothing a moisturiser can't help. The new hair coming out is not rough but smooth. My skin feels smooth as well because of the exfoliation. 

Overall, a really good product. I will stick to this product from now on =)

You can get it at a great price here: http://qqaccess.com/shop/smooth-leg-hair-remover/

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