July 12, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

...is well, not so amazing after all XD

Yeah yeah you must have heard great reviews from friends about this movie, but somehow, I didn't like it much =( Quite disappointing actually especially after all that hype about the new spiderman, well being Andrew Garfield and his love interest on and off screen being Emma Stone.

Thing is, watching this movie is like dejavu. The storyline is the same-ish. Everything is almost the same except for the fact, different people are acting!!

I would call this a remake. Well, no one warned me this was a remake of the Spiderman acted by Tobey Maguire! I thought this would totally be a different kind and an amazing one -.- 

Turns out, he is not faster than bullet, has black eyes all the time and quite vulnerable actually. I have nothing against Andrew and Emma and I thought yes, they do make quite a cute couple but I don't think I would watch movies with the same storylines over again. Rumour has it, it's a trilogy and I won't be watching the next two films especially if sand man is going to make an appearance in the next movie -.- Like seriously, haven't we seen it all before?

I saw this critic from Rotten Tomatoes commented on this movie: The finished film is like a repeat of the chicken dinner you had the night before but with different seasoning(Ed Whitfield)

I couldn't agree more!

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