July 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

This movie is legen-wait for it-dary!! Yes, I just used Barney Stinson's infamous line!! Because it's 2012's Must-Watch movie!!!

If you don't watch any movie this year, just watch the latest Batman movie. Because so far, all the movie I've seen in the cinema pretty much sucked, but this one blew my mind away! So much so, I didn't even realise 2 hours 40 minutes had passed!

I absolutely loved The Dark Knight and I thought no movie could beat the second movie in the trilogy but boy was I wrong! Christopher Nolan, the director, outdid himself! The whole cast did in this last movie of the trilogy!

I loved the addition of another superhero-in, Catwoman, who is sexy, flirty, sultry and damn! she can kick some ass! Anne Hathaway was rightly casted for this role!

One thing in Batman movies are that, the villains are pretty much very strong and can overpower Batman. Joker won in the second movie and Batman was made the scapegoat for Harvey Dent's murder. This movie, Bane, was huge physically and definitely fight better than Batman.

But well, you've got to see the movie to see how it ended. Batman is the only superhero without super powers but he has awesome vehicles and gadgets and the most important, determination! Also, he has accomplices! Which is really great and there's even an introduction to one of them at the end. But unfortunately, the trilogy ends here =(( 

Bane, the villain looks scary with that mask!

Have you guessed who's the man behind the mask? I was trying to guess the entire time in the movie. Have you seen the movie This Means War?

It's Tom Hardy!!

Tom Hardy was the guy who played alongside Chris Pine in that movie! He was initially criticised for being to small to play Bane. But, my goodness, he bulked up to be so muscular and huge for the role!!

This is what a Blockbuster should be! Epic!

My rating: 4 and a half stars!

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