July 24, 2012


I'm sure many of you have heard about Evian water, a French brand mineral water.

It's like one of the most expensive mineral water around. This is actually just a random post about Evian because I got this collectible Evian water and wanted to share with you guys.

It's from the goodie bag from Guardian Customers' Choice Award

House Courreges design!

Did you know that Evian has been partnering with famed designers since 2007 to come out with limited edition bottles? It's like a collector's item, due to it's beautiful glass bottle designs!

Limited edition bottles. L-R: 2007-2011

The first partnership was with designer Christian Lacroix in 2007 with a chic frosted design. Then the blue design was by Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2009, they partnered with Paul Smith for a more colourful design. I personally favour the Issey Miyake flower design in 2010. Lastly, the 2011 partnership with House Courreges is the one that I got.

Before 2007, Evian has come out with other shaped bottles as well.

The Millennium limited edition glass bottles. 

2005-2007 Memorial Collection Evian bottles. It is shaped like a mountain, a symbol of the source of Evian which is at the top of the Alps.

Beautiful right all these limited edition glass bottles? Well, back to the latest collector's item by House Courreges.

Simple yet gorgeous!

If you can read the above description, it says that this bottle is made from 100% recyclable materials and for the first time ever, is printed using organic ink. That makes this newest Evian limited edition all the more special and environmentally friendly *smiles*

I didn't know about all these until I read more on Evian because I was so intrigued by this limited edition bottle! It's fashion meets water...really unique!

Also, it tastes, well, like mineral water(how else can it taste like?!) but different from normal boiled water or other kinds of mineral water. It actually tastes fresh!

And, if you visit their website, these T-shirts which I have seen getting viral on Facebook, is from Evian!

Humour T-shirts!

Well, didn't know they make T-shirts as well *laughs*

So, how bout that? Didn't think you knew much about Evian, right? Well, now you do =p

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