June 30, 2012

Body Perfect workshop

Thanks to HOT magazine, I was selected to join this Body Perfect workshop at Sunway Pyramid.

I'm sure many of you have heard about Body Perfect. It's a one stop beauty centre for all of your beauty woes. They wanted to promote their latest treatment which is the Photothermolysis Hair Removal Therapy.

I just want to say that the Body Perfect centre at Sunway Pyramid is huge and so beautiful after they gave a short tour inside! It's very cozy in there which will instantly make you feel comfortable. The people at Body Perfect were also perfectly kind, helpful and hospitable!

Unlike any other beauty centres I've been, the staffs there are always smiling, taking care of you and are not forceful of their products, which is a plus point!

The reception

Consultation room

We had a hand therapy before the talk session. The hand therapy uses a machine to detox and we could see immediate results! 

Ms. Sasha Ooi conducting the session.

Photothermolysis Hair Removal Therapy is a patented technology of Body Perfect. It uses heat and light and does not cause much pain unlike IPL. It will only treat the removal of your hair and will not damage your skin cells during the process. Immediate results can be seen even after one session! It is also safe and effective.

I think I learnt a lot in this workshop as some of you might know, I'm quite hairy *shies* The consequence of  constant shaving and waxing have quite a lot of side effects hence you must be very careful when doing it. 

After the session, we were treated to some refreshments.

Finally, all of us there were given a free voucher to try out ourselves, the Photothermolysis therapy in the next trip! *excited* So generous of the people at Body Perfect! I can't wait for my next visit there. Will blog all about it =)

Everyone were also given a goodie bag each. The small bag you see above is a prize I got from the Q&A =)

Thank you Hot Magazine and Body Perfect!
Visit  http://www.bodyperfect.com.my/ for more info!

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