June 4, 2012


Look at my new pets! 5 pigeons altogether!! Hehe
Pigeons are also known as doves and look at those white feathers...so beautiful!!

Birds are actually fun to be kept as pets. As you may know, I am scared of animals so birds in a cage is not so frightening. It's quite fun to just look at them and see how they react among each other and sometimes they will give out some noises. They eat and drink very little so it's not such a nuisance to keep them.

However, they do shit a lot -.- They shit in the water, in their food and you have to constantly change the bowls and the newspaper beneath. But luckily, they are just in one place and not flying and shitting everywhere. You know how when you park your car under a tree and come back to find bird shit on your window? Well, they eat very little but shit a lot. I don't know how is that possible? *laughs*

I also wonder whether do birds sleep? Because I don't see them sleep. So I googled and learnt that birds do sleep but they are light sleepers, they rarely fall into any kind of deep sleep at all. No wonder!

They are tame...when I want to put food and fresh water in, I would pet them and they would not try to bite or want to fly out. They are good birds, don't give trouble(except all the shit), don't make noises like a parrot does, won't harm people and just perfect for a pet!

You know I used to wonder why would people keep birds as pets since they can't actually play with them. But actually, they are quite nice to look at and it gives you something to take care of when you are bored hehe...Oh, also you can talk to them and they won't talk back to you *laughs*

I would name all five but then I wouldn't know which is which because they all look the same =p

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