June 25, 2012

England out of EURO 2012

What a disappointment. Woke up at 2.45am to catch the show but after 120 minutes later (including extra time) there was no goal at all from Italy nor England! Then it had to go to that heart stopping penalty shoot out to determine who will enter the semi finals.

But as the title says it, England lost 4-2 through penalty and that makes Italy in the semis. It was also frustrating to see England play so badly. They hardly ever kept the ball and when they have it, the Italians were so quick to take it away from them. Shots on target were very few as well and I think perhaps, England deserved to lose.

Hence, Portugal will meet Spain and Germany will meet Italy in the semis.
I predict the finals would be Spain against Germany and Germany will go all the way to win the cup =))

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