June 20, 2012


I'm back from a gorgeous island =)

It was a vacation packed with activities. So forgive me if I take more rest at home now because I'm so beaten up with muscle pains, joint pains, bruises and so on LOLZ! This is due to purpura simplex but it's okay, bottom line was that I had a lot of fun!

There are two main attractions of Langkawi, which are the beautiful sceneries and the beach. Scenery wise you should go to the top of the mountain either Gunung Mat Cincang by cable car or Gunung Raya. You should also check out Datai beach as it's better than Cenang beach. I even went parasailing for the first time =)

The view from the Seven Wells Waterfall- p/s we had to climb 372 steps to reach there -.- talk about vigorous exercise!

Cable car to Gunung Mat Cincang 

Dataran Lang

Cenang Beach

At the tower top of Gunung Raya

In the meantime, I missed EURO *laughs* and the food there was not very good and expensive and you should really take a package tour in Langkawi or else you would be lost!

Finally, always go with good companies. The trip is nothing without the laughters, pillow talks and the chatting of all of us! Also, buy lots of chocolates! It's everywhere and it's sooo cheap!!


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