June 10, 2012

Seeking Justice movie

This show was not bad! It stars Nicholas Cage and January Jones. He is a high school English teacher who one day got the news that his wife was terribly raped. She did survive and he wanted to seek justice so he made a deal with the 'devil' whom he has to pay later...

The 'devil' is actually an organisation who will do the job that the police can't do without good resources. They will track down the rapist and kill them but the victim would have to pay them later. His 'payment' was to kill a so called 'child pornographer' which he refused to and so his whole life started going havoc and he wanted to get away from them.

Overall, it was a semi-action movie. I enjoyed it and it's definitely something to show that you should not make a deal with a stranger especially when it's too good to be true!

Also, with the current tragedies surrounding Malaysian shopping malls where ladies get kidnapped, raped or murdered in the carparks..This was what happened to January Jones in the movie! It was brutal...We must be extra extra cautious in such places!

My rating: 3 and a half stars!

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