June 24, 2012

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie Kinsella as a writer. I have read 'Shopaholic and Sister', 'Shopaholic Ties the Knot' and 'Shopaholic and Baby' from the Shopaholic series and 'Can you keep a secret?' which are real fun reads! She's a young writer and witty and just connects with her readers!

I did not read 'The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic' but saw the movie, so to date I only have not read 'Shopaholic Abroad' from the entire series. But the shopaholic series can be read as a standalone. Hence, I am very familiar with the protagonist, Rebecca Brandon (nee Bloomwood) It seems I have grown with her from the start till she got married, pregnant, have a kid and being a young mother.

But that does not mean I like her. Yes, she is sometimes funny, a loyal and caring wife and a good mother but sometimes I just want to strangle her! Her addiction to shopping is just over the top with her lack of self control and money spending! The things she does sometimes to hide her strange acts is just out of this world. She lies once too many times, especially to her close ones and it just accumulates and that's such a bad example to readers *laughs* I thought in 'Mini Shopaholic', she would mature as she is a mother now, however, she does not change, unfortunately. Old habits die hard I guess.

But what makes me keep buying the shopaholic series? Well, firstly, I can relate quite a bit to the shopaholic habit as I'm a shopaholic myself. Also, those designer dresses and bags that Becky is so attracted to is relatable as well. She talks about brands like Valentino, Jimmy Choos, Chanel, Temperley, Burberry, etc and it got me excited *laughs* And of course, her two-year-old daughter, Minnie follows suit! She loves Starbucks and knows about Visa card! She is also quite spoilt XD

There is a little bit of maturity in Becky Brandon in this book when she kept her promise to Luke, her husband about not shopping but she splurged on her daughter instead so yes, that's the annoying part. Whoever buys a two year daughter a 21st birthday gift just coz the Temperley dress was on sale!! Sophie Kinsella can sometimes go overboard with Becky.

On a brighter side, characters like Luke Brandon, Suze, Tarkie, Jess and Bonnie are more liekeable. I especially salute Luke for keeping up with his wife's acts.

It was a fun leisure read during free time!

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