June 5, 2012

Home Tuition

This is a competitive era where parents expect children to excel well in schools, children are competing with each other to get the top in class and with all the long hours in school in addition to co-curricular activities, sometimes students are just tired and just want to be in their house. But, they have to study and they need guidance!

So, no more hassle of going out and troubling your parents of sending and picking children up from tuition centres, home tuition is the solution! Here's a way to find for a good TUTOR!

This is a great website for parents and students to find good home tutors. Besides that, it is also a website for tutors to connect with students. You can navigate easily through the website. Just sign up for FREE and you can start finding tutors or if you're a tutor yourself you can start finding jobs! It's that easy =) Further, it is not limited to academic subjects only. They also cover special skills like programming, chess playing, pets training, swimming, drumming, piano, entrepreneurship, cooking, dancing, and etc.

I have actually signed up to be a tutor as well! Because I am on break, I thought why not spend time tutoring. After all, if a good student comes along, I would totally be willing to teach him/her!

I really like the idea of home tuition. I am the type who likes a 1-on-1 coaching. In fact, I have been home tutored my whole schooling life, even if that was by my parents =) Students are given much more attention and the weaker points can be worked at better. As parents only want the best for their child, many will turn to home tuitions. Students can study in the comfort of their own homes, parents can supervise them and they need not waste time going out bracing through traffic to send their children to tuition!

Check out this video about them:

If you want to know more about the founder of this website, Ng Boo Jiun, watch this video:

So, why not check out www.hometuitionjob.com

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