June 25, 2012

Sunplay superblock SPF 130

Before I went to Langkawi, I wanted to find a sunblock that will NOT make me sunburn at all! Because I knew I would be going on many outdoor activities with long exposure to the sun, an effective sunblock is a MUST!

So, I found one with the highest SPF which is 130 SPF. Only Sunplay brand is with the highest SPF. 

Mind you, I had a very bad experience with sunburn during my trip to Pulau Perhentian. I did not use sunblock with very high SPF and because we were in the water snorkelling for hours, I did not have the chance to reapply sunscreen. 

Hence, I became dark like this:

Look at my brown-burnt hands!

Yes, it was my 19th birthday and it was one day after I came back from Perhentian and because I was so dark, I didn't have the mood to dress up, comb my hair or even smile for the camera *laughs*

It was the darkest I have become and my skin was peeling badly, I was horrified, so I learnt my lesson and reminded myself that I will never ever want to be sunburnt that badly again!

So thanks to Sunplay, after Langkawi, I did not get sunburnt at all! I was fair when I went and somehow people said I became fairer when I came back *laughs* I'll tell you why later...

Sunplay with SPF 130

It's liquid and looks a bit like liquid paper!

                 BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

As you can see the 'AFTER' picture, my hand looks shiny and if after two to three more application it'll be fairer looking.

I was very determined not to be sunburnt one bit, so I was splashing sunscreen all round my body and reapplying after we went for a dip in the waterfall. I put on my face, on my hands till my legs and feet. Yes, I was going crazy *laughs*

I ended up became very 'white' almost like a geisha especially when the sun was shining on me and all you can see especially in pictures was a white, ghostly face of me LOL But, no sunburn at all!!! YAY!!! So much so, after all the activities my friends asked me how come I became fairer than before? Haha

After sunscreen, white and pale.

While outdoor, still very much fair!

Safe to say, this is an effective sunscreen! For extreme outdoor activities, Sunplay is very much recommended to be used if you don't want to be sunburnt. It is also super water and sweat proof.

However, there is one downside to it. Although it claimed to be non greasy, it's quite sticky to your body. You can feel as if you have put something on your body. Further, it's quite hard to come out, probably due to the super water proof, so I suggest if you were to use it, while bathing, scrub it off your body gently. I did not scrub and it stayed on and you can see residue left on my skin like white patches. It can be quite drying as well so a moisturiser would really help after all that.

If without some of the cons, this would have been a superb sunblock. But if you know the trick for the after effect, this is actually a good sunblock!

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