June 7, 2012

EURO 2012

I'm so excited for EURO 2012. I may be a girl but growing up with a father who is crazy over football and mixing with mostly guys in my group of friends makes me interested in football as well =))

I have woke up in the wee hours before for previous EURO and World Cup matches even when I was in school or working so this time is no different especially when I'm on break!

This year the countries co-hosting the EURO 2012 are Poland and Ukraine. Of course, I will always support England but in doubt whether they can win it -.-

The first kick off will be tomorrow, Friday, 8th of June. It will go on till the final which falls on 1st July. Can't wait for the Monday match which is France vs England =) Germany vs Portugal and Spain vs Italy will be good as well!

Read from the newspaper that productivity in offices will be low this month *laughs* and expect employees to come in late for work LOL The matches will be broadcasted live in the a.ms so expect a lot of shouting while you are sleeping(those who don't watch) and a lot of sleepy eyes during working hours hehe

Football fever is always hovering in Malaysia. This is the sport that makes us all go crazy together. What would we do without football? *laughs*

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