June 12, 2012

Of football and movies!

Quick update on my stress-free life hehe..Can I just stay like this forever? XD

How fun it is to watch EURO? *laughs*
So far now all teams in the groups(Group A,B,C,D) have played at least one game.
Spain, Italy, Holland, France and England were disappointing XD All of them should buck up! I so did not wake up at 2.45am or stayed to watch the 12.00am game to only see 1 or 2 goals -.- I need more goals and action!

Today Group A will start playing again..Poland and Greece each had one red card already LMAO. #eurofever continues!

Turning to my DVD movies marathon, I've now watched 'The Lucky One' starring Zac Efron.

This movie is based on the best selling author, Nicholas Sparks' book of the same name. Boy, Nicholas Sparks can really write great love stories! I've loved the Notebook, Dear John and now The Lucky One!

Zac Efron is acting as a US Marine who discovered an abandoned photo and believes that photo kept him safe and he must find the girl to thank her. He found her and their relationship blossomed!

It's erm...somewhat a cougar relationship because she's older and has a kid. It was pretty much a low budget movie, the scenes were mostly in a countryside with a few people. But the love story is what's prominent in the entire movie and hopeless romantics will enjoy this movie!

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