April 13, 2012

#10 #11

Okay, I have been lagging in this challenge. I'm going to do two challenges in one.
If you're wondering what am I doing, let me refresh your memory. I'm doing this 20 blog challenges which is taking me forever to finish *laughs*

I'm only half way through XD

But anyway, #10 is 'Your celebrity crush'
I've actually stated the obvious in my previous post: David Beckham
No explanation necessary. In fact, when I represented my school for public speaking, when the impromptu title was 'My Idol', the obvious came to my mind and I just blabbed everything I knew about David Beckham and ended up getting first among 23 schools! That's how great David Beckham's influence is!

Challenge #11 is 'A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?'

Last year


Again I'm going to state the obvious which is my short hair. Last year I had very long hair and because I had a hair makeover, my hair is now medium length. But although I'm turning a year older this year, because of my short hair, people have commented that I look younger *laughs*  I haven't changed much other than that I guess. 

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