April 27, 2012

Of everything unhealthy

Due to exam pressure and late night classes, I have not been eating healthily lately =((
In fact, my appetite has gone haywire. Late night classes make me skip dinner and have supper, sometimes I just don't eat at all...yeah, you get it.

Right now, all I do is snack up and in these times that I have a sweet tooth and unhealthy food intake.

Ramly burger- my all time favourite supper!! Nothing beats this!

Maggi mee- fast and absolutely delicious!

Ice cream especially in chocolate flavour makes me the happiest girl =) 

Blueberry cheese cake with choc ice cream *sinful*

Hence, I'll never be able to 'diet' with all these sinfully fatty food -.- On top of that, with drinks like Chatime, Starbucks, floats, blended drinks...
It's getting me hungry now LOL

I pledge..after all these are over, I'll be eating healthily again-I hope!

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