April 18, 2012

#13 What makes you happy?

I'm easily happy..I would like to say I'm kind of like a 'happy-go-lucky' girl =) I'm naturally the loudest in a group, with the biggest laugh and smile *true story* hehe

But to specifically answer 'What makes me happy?', I would say the little things in life.
Simple things like a baby's laughter, or just hanging out with my close ones or even just getting an ice cream would make me happy!

Of course I do enjoy the finer things in life(which makes me happier), but that's not as important as seeing something so simple or just enjoying supper at a 'mamak' stall with good companions that makes you smile and laugh the entire night!

If you're happy over simple things in life, you'll be happier as a whole! Because if you're not happy even for the littlest things, no matter how much we have, we will never be happy.

So, readers, start smiling and be happy =)


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