April 28, 2012

#16 Your dream house

Oooh my dream house...is just impossible..but what the hell, it's a DREAM house after all right. One can only dream of houses like these:

haha yeah PINK! 

living room


If I was living alone, I would totally want a cool PINK house like the above. How awesome is the princess-like bedroom? 

But of course, who wants to live alone in a gigantic house with many rooms? I would love to build a family in these kind of huge dream houses: 

As you can see, I love houses which have a lot of windows..I don't like close and secluded houses. I'll feel scared XD Also with windows, I would love to see a serene scenery outdoor, like a swimming pool or a garden. There's something very homey and peaceful about seeing beautiful sceneries through the windows of your house =)

Yeah, well, it's only a dream...


  1. You and I share the same dreams... haha thats awesome

  2. yes it true wish i live in a pink house