April 11, 2012

The Vow

Look at your present life now and then for a moment ask the 'what if' question. What if I could not remember what happened to me in the last 5 years? What if I woke up today with the last memory being 5 years before, in my case, in high school?

Scary, no? Well, this is exactly what happened in The Vow which is inspired by true events, meaning, that actually happened to someone! 

The Vow stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, two most romantic couple on-screen as Leo and Paige.

It's quite a sad love story as after a horrific accident(and I really mean horrific like crashing through the windscreen horrific) Paige tried hard to remember what happened for the last 5 years but she can't and Leo tried everything possible to get her back to her normal routine but failed because she's a completely different person! She was still the girl 5 years back!

He has to make her fall in love with him again, from square 1. All the memories they had together are gone for Paige. If you didn't drop a tear or two or even at least felt some heartache, you have no soul >.<

But something from this story tells that if you're meant to be with that someone, no matter what happens, the universe will somehow bring both of you together =))

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