April 20, 2012

#14 5 Facts about you

Just some 5 facts about me. You may/may not know about it =)

1. I get up every morning average around 11am. Sometimes it'll be earlier if I have errands to run and if I'm extremely tired, it'll be later than that >.< I know, I'm that lazy *laughs* But to compensate, I'm a night owl. I sleep at an average around 2.30am.

2. I love books. I can get buried in them. I have this habit ever since young! Magazines are not an exceptions as well. I have tons and tons of collections of books and magazines and I can just read them all day!

3. I'm very good with children. I have a heart and passion for kids. One day, just maybe one day, I would love to adopt an orphan child and give her/him the best life he could never get from his biological parents.

4. I have partial OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) I wash my hands a lot, repeatedly check things whether did I lock my car, or off the hair iron etc and cannot stand things in disorder.

5. I easily get attracted to matured men *winks* =))

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