May 14, 2012

#19 Pet peeves

My ultimate pet peeve is....

People who are not punctual!!
Friends and family who are close to me very well know this! If they are late, they will always get nagged by me.  I absolutely cannot stand people who are on 'Malaysian' timing. I am almost always early and it just ticks me when I have to wait for people. I have better things to do with my time. Don't waste my time!

I also cannot stand people who are not professional. Some events, when they state the time, they do not comply with it. Then people like me, who comes early would have to wait around waiting for the event/photoshoot like an idiot. Worst is that, you can get sleepy by waiting, waiting and waiting -.- and when it actually starts, the 'excited' mood has disappeared.

I have died everything waiting...

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